Kampong Phluk floating community, is a popular tourist destination for national and international tourists because of diversities of lives on the water with beautiful green landscape of rain forest such as mangroves and so many other water plants growing naturally causing the whole area becomes home to abundant wildlife and world’s most productive inland fishery. This floating community consists of three villages together in north part of Tonle Sap Lake, the biggest lake in Southeast Asia with around 3,000 residents, which is located about 16 kilometers from Siem Reap, Cambodia. Surrounded by flooded rain forest, the lake is home to many types of wildlife and

After hours touring to major hot spot, wandering around majestic temple of Angkor national park swallowed by astonishing jungle, normally visitants spend rest of their time here in the evening going out mostly to down town whereas night markets and pub street are their targets and so quite easy to approach. Besides touristic hub of this gorgeous temple land, there are more to immerse yourself into joyful moment with large varieties of outdoor activities, malls to shop, places to visit, foods to eat and various services serving both local and foreigners. Is it enough with these for you? Looking for something special to escape from

Down to lower parts of Siem Reap Angkor, globally known as the unique ancient temples land in South East Asia, Phnom Kraom [Mountain Kraom] is one of the most attractive tourist sites you should never miss after many other main touristic frequently visited spots in this holy region. Surrounded by wide ranges of glamorous stunning landscapes of vast green rice fields in monsoon season and huge view of nearby villages with hundreds of stilt houses seen from the hilltop, the mountain is located about 12 kilometre southwest of Siem Reap town which is approximately 40 minutes to get there by bicycle and roughly 5 kilometres

With a spiritual of doing business and willing to change Cambodian young generation concept that are always looking for job opportunities and never start up a business at the young age; a 24 year-old and 20 year-old have been exploring the back road of Siem Reap. They finally have found very fascinating villages and spectacular view of rice paddies and local varies ways of earning a living. About 20mins cycling from the town, you will get off the main road and enjoy cycling on beautiful green rice farm surrounding pave routes. On the way, you can stop by anything that catch your eyes and you

Some says, going together, getting along with each others is a big deal. We want to say that, no matter how hard our team are going to challenge, we are committed to working it out till the end of our of last effort. Our spiritual entrepreneurs are playing from ground zero to reach the top; our positive thought and behavior definitely will help us to accomplish our goal. Stepping on the roughly routes teach our team to learn more than just staying in our comfort zone. We step toward Asian integration at the end of 2015. We bring our practical experience in doing international business

Our Butterfly Tour Team really love environment. We involve with environment. We love the nature, we love clean country, and now we are cleaning our city as one project called One Dollar to Save. We extremely enjoy our activities besides our best leading tours visiting our country. Because most of the people do not understand about the environmental issue, the beautiful planet becomes sorrowful and call for the human to take care and keep it in safety. On behalf of Cambodian and also one of the important human resource in our country, Cambodia, we are please to join with you in every social activities in