There are three mains temples that most of the visitors never miss visiting when they are in Siem Reap. Angkor Wat is the first choice for someone one who loves to see the magnificent sunrise above the top of the five towels. Boyon is another stunning Buddhist archeological site and we also called it Angkorthom or smiling face temple. The last option is Taproom which is an amazing tree temple – getting to see this Holywood movie Tam Rider. How can you manage to visit these must-see temples away from other tourists? The answer is yes you can but you cannot go by Tuk Tuk

The Off the Beaten Track half and full day bicycle tour is one of our most popular activities in Siem Reap. With this tour, visitors can access and encounter local lives, daily businesses, and understand local cultures and  beliefs. This tour exceeds expectations, and visitors will be able to experience biking off road, passing by a village called Areaksva, which is about 7km away from Angkor Wat. This charming village is known for the broad smiles of local kids who usually enjoy saying ‘’Hello’’ to you! We are sure visitors will never hesitate to ask for more. Just over a week ago, we led 2

The word Street Foods in Khmer language is funny! It means the leftover foods thrown on the street’s ground. Yet in English sounds different, it refers to the food selling on the side street — not in the shopping malls. There are plenty of western foods served by fancy restaurants in the hub of Siem Reap. But do you want to taste something different, auth, and weird savour? Have you ever taste something creepy-crawly as a fried tarantula? You might find it weird and crazy to eat spider, but no — to me It’s delicious. If  you are in Phnom Penh, the capital city of

It’s sometimes unpredicted; rain comes and goes! It is always better to prepare yourself first before going out during rainy season. Cambodia gets influence of the wet monsoon, wind blows from the south to the west between May. And September which brings rain sometimes during the days and nights, and wind blows from the north to the east between October and April, is called the dry monsoon. A must visit during the lush green season in Cambodia You might have seen stunning photography of Cambodia during grean season. Wherever you travel in Cambodia, you will fall in love with its stunning landscapes. Paddy field is

About a month ago, we organised a special bicycle tour in Kampot for a group of students and teachers from the International School of Siem Reap. Together, we biked through local villages, met friendly folks along the way, and introduced our new friends to the community. The students and teachers were excited to immerse themselves in a completely local experience, while we were more than happy to introduce them to the beauty and diversity of Kampot. At a deeper level, this trip got us thinking about local advocacy; in particular, the way in which the young are engaged within and to communities. How do we

Many visitors might view Kampot as a sleepy, backward town. It’s easy to understand where this presumption comes from; Kampot, after all, does have an extremely relaxed vibe. Coupled with a tranquil river and breath-taking sunsets on an almost daily basis, it’s tempting not to want to do much but to put up one’s feet and enjoy the unfolding scenery with a cold drink in hand. However, we at Butterfly Tours beg to differ. Kampot—while still not as popular as the larger, more bustling cities of Siem Reap, Phnom Penh or Battambang—still has much to offer beyond its laidback charm. Unbeknownst to many, Kampot actually

Kampong Phluk floating community, is a popular tourist destination for national and international tourists because of diversities of lives on the water with beautiful green landscape of rain forest such as mangroves and so many other water plants growing naturally causing the whole area becomes home to abundant wildlife and world’s most productive inland fishery. This floating community consists of three villages together in north part of Tonle Sap Lake, the biggest lake in Southeast Asia with around 3,000 residents, which is located about 16 kilometers from Siem Reap, Cambodia. Surrounded by flooded rain forest, the lake is home to many types of wildlife and

After hours touring to major hot spot, wandering around majestic temple of Angkor national park swallowed by astonishing jungle, normally visitants spend rest of their time here in the evening going out mostly to down town whereas night markets and pub street are their targets and so quite easy to approach. Besides touristic hub of this gorgeous temple land, there are more to immerse yourself into joyful moment with large varieties of outdoor activities, malls to shop, places to visit, foods to eat and various services serving both local and foreigners. Is it enough with these for you? Looking for something special to escape from

Down to lower parts of Siem Reap Angkor, globally known as the unique ancient temples land in South East Asia, Phnom Kraom [Mountain Kraom] is one of the most attractive tourist sites you should never miss after many other main touristic frequently visited spots in this holy region. Surrounded by wide ranges of glamorous stunning landscapes of vast green rice fields in monsoon season and huge view of nearby villages with hundreds of stilt houses seen from the hilltop, the mountain is located about 12 kilometre southwest of Siem Reap town which is approximately 40 minutes to get there by bicycle and roughly 5 kilometres

With a spiritual of doing business and willing to change Cambodian young generation concept that are always looking for job opportunities and never start up a business at the young age; a 24 year-old and 20 year-old have been exploring the back road of Siem Reap. They finally have found very fascinating villages and spectacular view of rice paddies and local varies ways of earning a living. About 20mins cycling from the town, you will get off the main road and enjoy cycling on beautiful green rice farm surrounding pave routes. On the way, you can stop by anything that catch your eyes and you