Freaky street foods — creepy-crawly fried tarantula

Freaky street foods — creepy-crawly fried tarantula

The word Street Foods in Khmer language is funny! It means the leftover foods thrown on the street’s ground. Yet in English sounds different, it refers to the food selling on the side street — not in the shopping malls. There are plenty of western foods served by fancy restaurants in the hub of Siem Reap. But do you want to taste something different, auth, and weird savour?

Have you ever taste something creepy-crawly as a fried tarantula? You might find it weird and crazy to eat spider, but no — to me It’s delicious. If  you are in Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia, I recommend you to read this Eating fried tarantula in Cambodia. And you can go there and get to try this rare creature once. If you are in Siem Reap, you just keep the eyes on a small cartwheel turning around the pub-street. When you see, stop for picture and don’t forget to taste it. It costs only a bug that is not expensive comparing how hard local digging the hole from the ground to get one tarantula.

Escaping the tourist spot—PUB-street, getting out of the town in just two kilometers to the urban— two straightforward roads heading to the east, called Road 60. There are bursting Khmer people out there. Siem Reap is not just Angkor Wat, magnificent temples, but much more to discover. Khmer cuisine has been noticed as very weird foods, yet  exciting to try something different. In the twilight, a few travel options whether you want going by foot, taking a Tuk Tuk or riding bicycle. You can use Google Map on smartphone to navigate your way to Road number 60. Or if you want learn more, take Tasting Street Foods in the Twilight by Bike to get there, your local guides are very knowledgeable.

After ten minutes biking, you will see crowded local people eating, selling, and children running. You will definitely smell grilled chicken, duck, fish, cricket, frog, rat and the rest of weirdest foods you might never seen. Trying a few of these and taking photos as freaky memorable foods in Asia. Furthermore, have you ever eaten tropical fruits?  Fruits in Cambodia are pretty famous, you will find array of seasonal fruits such as: oranges, bananas, durians, jackfruits, mangoes, rambutans and so forth. Getting to the end, a few more interesting and famous foods in the region: Khmer Noodle, Vietnamese pancake, Sangvak and fried noodle which you should not miss to eat. After you finished eating these foods, never forget to drink the best sugarcane juice by the end. Hop on your bike and head back to the city around 7pm before it gets too dark.

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