Road 60, Khmer foodie experiences

After hours touring to major hot spot, wandering around majestic temple of Angkor national park swallowed by astonishing jungle, normally visitants spend rest of their time here in the evening going out mostly to down town whereas night markets and pub street are their targets and so quite easy to approach.

Besides touristic hub of this gorgeous temple land, there are more to immerse yourself into joyful moment with large varieties of outdoor activities, malls to shop, places to visit, foods to eat and various services serving both local and foreigners.

Is it enough with these for you? Looking for something special to escape from pub centre? Well, today we would like to introduce you to Road 60, one another place that’s frequently visited by insiders but a very fine place for foreign tourists preferring to experience the local way of inhabitants’ hanging out authentically in the stunning evening.

Located about 6 km southeast of Siem Reap town, this fun road is mostly crowded in the evening or earlier until late. Reaching roughly in 15 minutes not far from city hub and it’s recommended best to get there by bike, the location is well known for its unique 1 kilometre of fun along both road side which is completed with significant numbers of stalls catering diverse domestic fruits, snacks or foods with different recipe for everyone such as Khmer noodle (nom banh jok), Khmer pancake (banh chhev), duck’s eggs with baby inside, grilled chicken eggs, nom krok, local beef soup, mushroom soup with pork brain, Khmer style barbecue, grilled chicken and sausage, popcorn, papaya salad etc. with the way we eat sitting directly on the mat laid down on grasses while some others also serve their customers with small table surrounded by tiny stools.

Of course, foreign visitors might encounter things that they’ve never seen before or many other strange snacks or diet they’ve never recognised here whereas Cambodian people are huge fan of nearly every edible insect. Therefore, travellers who look for those sorts of foodie experiences, this Siem Reap’s one kilometre of fun is a source of crispy fried cricket, grasshopper, black spider, scorpion, centipede, water snake and even silkworm. Usually, local people like to hang out after works and cherish their beer with these fried crunchy bugs.

Moreover, you may find something interesting to shop from a long range of tents selling numerous types of stuff such as clothes, shoes, hates, accessories, jewelry, souvenir, toys for kids etc. Considering a happy place for local people to relax and enjoy time with friends and family after works in the evening, Road 60 is also known for a spacious aerobic dancing site with exercising music and a lot more colourful attractive funfair which then visitors can move onto foods and drink as the evening turns dark and lights start on rides and stalls making the whole area become sparkling.

Due to quick growing population and numbers of tourists to this temple capital, the city hub now is a bit crowded and traffic thus people tend to find another places to relax in fresh air around town causing this newly established paved road rated a popular location for them to delight in.

Yet, cherish your glorious evening here while in Siem Reap embarking on new unforgettable travelling style with local way of people’s life and find your suitable place to dine and unwind then move onto shopping along fun street market at Road 60.

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