Stay warm and dry visiting Cambodia in rainy season

Stay warm and dry visiting Cambodia in rainy season

It’s sometimes unpredicted; rain comes and goes! It is always better to prepare yourself first before going out during rainy season. Cambodia gets influence of the wet monsoon, wind blows from the south to the west between May. And September which brings rain sometimes during the days and nights, and wind blows from the north to the east between October and April, is called the dry monsoon.

A must visit during the lush green season in Cambodia

You might have seen stunning photography of Cambodia during grean season. Wherever you travel in Cambodia, you will fall in love with its stunning landscapes. Paddy field is an icon of Cambodia soils, and our farmers are called dirty hands and cleaned money people. They work hard in the field from dawn to dusk, and they expect to make their lives better. Unfortunately, the reality had not lived up to expectation, the rice market is being controlled by monopoly market, a group of rich middle men.

If you are a fan of Cambodia Daily, and Phnom Penh Post – the English newspapers, you will find  Cambodia’s bad news. Farmers find it hard in selling their produces, lacking of irrigation systems, and rising costs of production.

During your visit, you should split your time cycling to the rice field, meeting local rice farmers, or even helping them transplant rice in their fields. Cycling is always the best choice as an eco-friendly way to get around and discover the real Cambodia. Think about taking one of these bike tours, you will enjoy as they were rated hundreds of great reviews on TripAdvisor.

Don’t have to always wear thick jacket and poncho

The hot sun replaces the rainfall, so what should you do when you go out if it always unpredictable rain falling. You should know in between rain and hot are the same, if the sun is hot  boiling, and when it rains it falls. So, you cannot decide whether to wear jacket or light cotton clothes. It’s good to use phone for rain forecasting, but you don’t have to pack so many stuffs just to protect from the rain.

When motor biking, or cycling in the countryside or somewhere nearby the temples, you can grab the ponchos selling at small stores along the way. They’re packed in blue, red, yellow plastic bags hanging right to the top of their stores. You can buy them, it costs only 2,000 riels or 0.$50 for one normal quality and great quality costs around 4,000 riels or $1.00.

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