Battambang, Cambodia
4 hours
4 / 10

This tuk-tuk tour takes you from the centre of Battambang town to the base of Sampov Mountain, in time for you to catch the sunset and take in spectacular views of Battambang. Sampov Mountain is a truly special and spectacular place for locals and visitors alike; bask in the tranquility and the cool mountain breeze of beautiful Sampov.

Tour Features

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATIONButterfly Tours’ office in Battambang
RETURN TIMEApproximately 6:30PM
DISTANCE20km to 24km
YOUR GROUPSmall group, 1-8 people
ATTIREWear sensible and comfortable clothing!

Inclusions & Exclusions

WHAT’S INCLUDED Tuk Tuk pickup and drop off

Lead guide and assistant

Cold towel and water

Tuk Tuk transportation

Fresh coconut

NOT INCLUDED Travel insurance  Breakfast

Tour Itinerary

 Stop 1: Hike Sampov Mountain

Your tuk-tuk driver will take you to the base of Sampov Mountain. From here, your guides will lead you on a hike up the mountain. As you ascend, you will be able to take in incredible views of the lush green forest, rice fields, and the twinkling lights of the distant Battambang town—this is truly a sight to behold!

 Stop 2: The Temple Wall

As we ascend, we will reach an ancient Buddhist temple with walls decorated in traditional Eastern art. Your guides will explain the many stories and traditions associated with these decorated walls, and its connection to Buddhism in Cambodia.

 Stop 3: Killing Caves

As light gradually fades, we will head to the Killing Caves. There, we will meet a local resident who will give us an overview of the caves and explain its significance during the Khmer Rouge period. Walk through the caves and learn more about the atrocities committed during this difficult period of Cambodia’s history, but look out too for the fissures that allows light in—a symbolic reminder that hope and reconciliation will always prevail.

 Stop 4: The Sublime Lookout

As we exit the caves, we will be treated to one of the best lookouts of the tour. Immerse yourself in this sublime scenery, and take in the deep orange hues falling below the horizon. You can take a short breather here as your guides tell you local stories of Sampov Mountain, a site often used for Buddhist meditation.

 Stop 5: Monkey Business!

As we approach the top of Sampov Mountain, we will likely spot small groups of monkeys scampering around the nearby trees. These monkeys are very used to having visitors and are highly entertaining. Be sure to capture pictures of them!

 Stop 6: The Bat Caves

We will now start our descent down the mountain, just in time to catch the bats! As darkness falls, we will begin to see thousands of nocturnal bats taking flight from the surrounding caves in a massive formation of dark, black clouds. Be sure to photograph this amazing and staggering sight!

Sunset and bat cave tour

Amazing. Loved this tour. Very experienced tour guide. Great pace of the tour with plenty to see and do. Experienced local cuisine and learnt a lot about local cultures and traditions. The bat cave was fantastic, such a great depiction of nature’s wierd and wonderful ways. Would definitely recommend butterfly tours for this experience, run by students aiming to raise money for their education. A must if you visit this area.


Your Guides

All tours are led by local English-speaking student guides who are more than happy to share about the country they know and love. Get to know our guides, and form lasting friendships with them!

A Cambodian Students’ Initiative

Your Ride

You will ride with our trusted tuk-tuk driver, who prioritizes safety. Your driver and guides will pick you directly from your hotel so that we can begin the tour right away!

You have 3 options when you sign up for our tours. You may:

  • Sign up as an individual and join our tour group
  • Join us as a family on our special family tour
  • Take a private tour with us

Whether you’re going solo or traveling with friends, you will always be welcome to join our tour group. We keep our groups small, anything from 2 to 10 riders with 2 guides at a time, ensuring that you will always be safe and have the opportunity to make new friends!

As part of our tour group, you will be provided with:

  • Temple and/or local guides who will be with you at all times
  • Snacks and water during the entire duration of the tour
  • Cold towels and fresh coconut after your tour


  • 2 to 4 people – USD 25/person
  • 5 to 7 people – 15% off full tour price – USD 21.25/person
  • 8 to 9 people – 25% off full tour price – USD 18.75/person

We love taking families on tour with us! Our family tours are always kept small so as to ensure your family’s safety at all times. We also have a range of children’s bicycles and baby seats, so everyone in the family will get to enjoy their day with us!

As part of our family tour, you will:

  • Be provided with helmets
  • Have our guides watching out for your family at all times
  • Have the flexibility of taking alternate tour routes (upon advice of your guides)
  • Be able to take more frequent and random stops
  • Be provided with snacks and water during the entire duration of the tour
  • Be provided with cold towels and fresh coconut after your tour


  • Adult – USD 27/person
  • Ages 1 to 5 years old – 40% off full tour price – USD 16.20/person
  • Ages 6 to 11 years old – 25% off full tour price – USD 20.25/person
  • Ages 12 to 15 years old – 15% off full tour price – USD 22.95/person

For those who prefer more privacy, you may opt to sign up for our private tours. Private tours are always led by our senior guides, and you will always have a tuk-tuk or van support on hand should you choose to take it easy for the remaining time of your tour. All private tours also come with a complimentary Butterfly Tours gift pack comprising a t-shirt, postcard, and a Cambodian scarf.

On your private tour, you will be provided with:

  • Senior temple and/or local guides who will be with you throughout the tour
  • Fresh local fruits and refreshing coconut juice during your tour
  • Tuk-tuk or van support
  • Cold towels and fresh coconut at the end of your tour

You will also:

  • Have the flexibility of taking alternate tour routes (upon advice of your guides)
  • Be able to take frequent and/or random stops during your tour
  • Receive a complimentary Butterfly Tours gift pack


  • 2 to 3 people – USD 35/person
  • 4 to 6 people – 15% off full tour price – USD 29.75/person
  • 7 to 9 people – 25% off full tour price – USD 26.25/person

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Where to Find Us

If you prefer to book with us directly, do refer to the Google Map of our Butterfly Tours’ office. We are located on Street 309, about a 20 minute walk to the right of Dambang Kronung Statue.

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