Become a Butterfly Tours’ Travel Jotter!

As a young and chirpy team, we are constantly seeking ways to keep Butterfly Tours fun and affordable—and one way now is to become a Butterfly Tours’ Travel Jotter! Whether you’re a professional travel writer, social media enthusiast, vlogger or blogger, we would love to hear from you! And better yet, you will be rewarded when you sign on to become a Butterfly Tours’ Travel Jotter!

How do I become a Butterfly Tours’ Travel Jotter?

Simple! Grab your notebook, pencil or camera and describe your travel experience with Butterfly Tours. Share your story with us—which we will publish on our social media platforms—and receive an array of discounts!

How much Discount am I entitled to?
Choose one of the following options:

  •  10% off: Sign up for Butterfly Connect, our weekly newsletter, to receive 10% discount off your tours!

  • 15% off: Calling all social media lovers! Post about us on at least 3 social media platforms—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest—and receive a 15% discount upon payment of our tours!

  • 30% off: Post a short blog entry or a video telling others about your experience with us! Be sure to show your work off to us to receive a 30% discount when you make your tour payment!

  • 60% off: We highly value the written word! Submit an original article of more than 400 words and be entitled to a 50% discount!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The one thing I’m not so clear is HOW the discount will be given. For example, I want to go on a Butterfly Tour. I sign up for the tour. Then AFTER my tour, I post something on Instagram. Does that mean I get a discount?

Answer: Yes you right, the discount will be given when you fill out our form we will receive more information about your personal information.

If I do get a discount, WHEN do I get that discount? Right after the tour? Before the tour?

Answer: As we mentioned above when you complete our form, you will receive discount before the tour start. This is a promise that you need to complete a few tasks that we agreed when completing the form. So we trust you and we hope that after our tour you will do the rests of things we agreed upon each other.

These are questions we need to work out, because we need to be clear about: (a) WHEN the discount is applied; (b) HOW we are going to identify which customers have posted up their review of Butterfly Tours.

Answer: The discount will be applied before the tour start, and we are going to identify your posts when you mentioned Butterfly Tours and we will keep in touch to your social media and travel blog. By then we will be waiting to see how you are going to do after our tour, will you keep your promise with us. We have a philosophy “Trust people when you work with people.”